River Sand Making Crusher

river sand making crusher

River Sand Making Crusher of sand as a substitute for natural sand, technology is mature, using the results are good, it should be promoted in traffic in civil engineering. China's largest Three Gorges Project, the Yellow River Xiaolangdi Project, and some important buildings were formulated using artificial sand concrete. In the existing engineering practice, the preparation of an artificial sand making machine from ordinary concrete C40 ~ C70 and pumping concrete pumping a maximum height of 300 meters, the preparation of a span of 64 meters of prestressed concrete beams. Actual strength C100 concrete 90 days in the laboratory designed to reach 155 MPa. Artificial sand can be widely used in concrete, mortar and concrete preform.

To River Sand Making Crusher the powder to a correct understanding, research shows that certain content on the concrete work of the powder is beneficial. Most contain (mixed) powder formulation of artificial sand concrete workability than the same regardless of the condition of the natural sand preparation of concrete compressive strength is high. Preparation of concrete mixing sand strength was also higher than the natural sand preparation of concrete. But it is worth noting that multiple sets of tests showed excessive powder cement-rich concrete (c50 and high-strength concrete) strength disadvantage, in the preparation of these concrete, it should use to wash sand sand.

Currently sand production line mainly jaw crusher, impact crusher, sand making the third generation of core equipment, sand making equipment at present is already quite mature, can effectively alleviate the lack of natural sand. Through the mechanism of less developed regions in the River Sand Making Crusher simple method is widely used (ie rolling gravel synchronization products) of the investigation, although excessive powder appropriate (reference to foreign standards, can be raised to 15 to 20%), grade with less qualified, but as a transition, as long as they do strict quality control Stockyard resources, production quality, and ensure their smaller clay content, stable gradation can be selected for non-critical structural engineering, but with with economic development, should be vigorously sand compliant. China has a vast artificial River Sand Making Crusher all over the country because of mineral raw materials, processing technology, processing equipment and so different, there are large differences particle shape, grain size distribution, powder content, etc., but as long as the artificial River Sand Making Crusher quality fully meet the national standard technology requirements, you can use. User request the company to improve the quality of artificial River Sand Making Crusher, artificial sand producers also can improve and reach new national standard quality requirements, which is artificial sand quality assurance of an advantage than natural sand. National natural sand quality difference is not, users generally have experience, and a larger difference between the quality of artificial sand, artificial sand used in the traffic in civil engineering also need to gain experience, but as long as strict testing in accordance with the provisions of the new standard, the use of artificial sand is to ensure project quality. At present, the River Sand Making Crusher control thanks to the use of test unit after entering quality construction sand responsibility falls almost entirely upon the user, this control is actually very passive and helpless, which led to a number of engineering accident occur. The reason is mainly the quality of the natural sand production methods and producers of the decision. The artificial sand production will have a fundamental difference with the natural sand, artificial sand production regardless of size, always in fixed production sites, production technology and equipment, the quality of their products can be controlled and stable. Therefore, improving the quality of artificial sand producers, improve the artificial sand production business requirements are necessary and possible. Although most manufacturers of construction River Sand Making Crusher never provided the product certification, but GB was presented to the company to provide product certification this requirement. Especially artificial sand production and strong user should gradually standardize and support the implementation of the new standard in this provision so that the building effectively to protect and improve sand quality, quality assurance and will be further implemented.

Environmental protection

Due to the shortage of sand resources in many parts of China have emerged Luancailuanwa River Sand Making Crusher, in particular in previous years, destroying the River Sand Making Crusher, destruction of river sand-digging everywhere, not only destroyed the limited arable land, flood protection dams, and thus lead to a lot of engineering accident. In addition, due to the natural sand disorderly production, production, storage and transportation process also causes air pollution and the environment, the State Council and local people's government had unveiled a no-take or restricted natural sand mining regulations. For example, since 2002, the entire Yangtze River sand mining volume control in 50 million t per year. Beijing 376 gravel reduced to 15 companies. China has a large number of metal ore and non-metallic minerals in the mining and processing associated with about 20% of the tailings produced, a considerable part of the tailings no reasonable use, has about hundreds of tons of tailings large accumulation, occupation of land , cause environmental pollution ', and if properly sorting and processing, many artificial sand tailings can be made, not only solve the problem of environmental pollution, and improve resource utilization, form a comprehensive benefits. Economic aspects of the current application of the majority of our region is a natural sand, natural sand resource is a local resource, is not renewable and should not be transported over long distances in a short time, with the increasing development of infrastructure, the emergence of natural sand in many areas resources gradually reduced, or even no case of natural sand, concrete sand supply and demand is particularly prominent, while River Sand Making Crusher prices higher and higher, up 110 yuan / t in some areas, sand peak Shihai no sand available, not only to improve the engineering construction costs and the impact of the construction progress of the project.

Quality engineering

With the rapid development of concrete technology, modern concrete technical requirements of the sand is getting higher and higher, especially high strength grade and high-performance concrete for aggregate requirements are very strict, and less able to meet the growing number of natural River Sand Making Crusher their requirements even. Add sand in the preparation of concrete admixtures for concrete admixture compactness, good permeability, frost performance, other physical and mechanical properties and long-term durability can meet the design requirements. Sand is particularly suitable for the preparation of high strength grade concrete, high performance concrete and pumping concrete. At present, China's largest Three Gorges Project, the Yellow River Xiaolangdi Project, Hunan Huai Expressway are using the preparation of concrete sand. In the existing engineering practice, sand formulated from ordinary concrete C10 ~ 0 and pumping concrete pumping a maximum height of 400m; the preparation of a span of 64m prestressed concrete beam. In the laboratory design strength ClO0 concrete, 90d actual strength of 155MPa. Sand can be widely used in concrete, mortar products.

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  • 1. of feedstock modes.
  • 2. Key parts adopt optimization design - reducing wear and use-cost.
  • 3. Rotor optimization design - deepening cavity type to increase yield.
  • 4. Elaborately-designed Emission Mouth and Inner Curve - reducing resistance and increasing throughput.
Model Feed at center&sides Feed at center Soft Material Hard Material REV (r/min) Power (kw) Motor Model Machine Size (mm)
Capacity (t/h) Max.Feeding (mm)
VSI5X7615DR 150-280 70-140 35 30 1700-1900 4-75×2 Y280S-4/75 4100×2330×2300
VSI5X8522DR 240-380 120-190 40 35 1500-1700 4-110×2 Y315S-4/110 4140×2500×2700
VSI5X9532DR 350-540 180-280 45 40 1300-1510 4-160×2 Y315L1-4/160 4560×2600×2900
VSI5X1145DR 500-640 250-360 50 45 1100-1310 4-220×2 Y355M1-4/220 5000×2790×3320

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