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With the development of mining industry, investors present various requirements of the features of flotation machine. Now there are many kinds of flotation machines, such as agitator flotation machine, pneumatic flotation machine and pneumatic- agitator flotation machine. And different mineral ores have different hydrophilicity, so the final configurations greatly depend on the professional designs.Flotation machine driven by the motor belt drive impeller rotates, centrifugal vacuum formed, on the one hand inhale sufficient air is mixed with the slurry, while stirring the pulp is mixed with drugs, while refined foam, foam on top of fossil bond, float to the surface and then form a slurry bubble mineralization. Ram height adjustment, control surface, so useful foam is scraped scraper. Slime and medicament mixed well into the bottom of the groove of the first chamber to a flotation machine, the impeller rotates, a negative pressure chamber in the wheel, so that the bottom groove and slot, respectively, by the slurry impeller suction port and the suction port into the mixing zone, but also makes the air along the guide sleeve into the mixing zone of gas, pulp, air and medicine in the mix here. In the impeller centrifugal force, pulp mixed into the mineralized zone, and was crushed to form bubbles of air, full contact with the coal particles, the formation of mineralized bubbles and turbulence in the role of stator plates, evenly distributed in the tank section, and the upward movement into the separation zone, forming a foam layer enriched discharged from scratch foam body to form coal foam. Sorting swivel rotates slowly when sorting room into a floating field area, this time selected by the pulp material distributor to six points, respectively, to the choice of site, weakly magnetic mineral particles being sucked in the tooth plate and rotating ring with the sorting. A non-magnetic mineral particles under the action of gravity and the flow of pulp through the tooth plate gap, into the lower portion of the tailings sorting ring groove. Sorting room to go in the mine when the cleaning position, a small amount of water to wash in, the inclusion of gangue, even the living body wash into the tailings and slimes slot (slot machine is not set in the mine), so as to improve the quality of concentrate purposes. When the sorting room to a weak magnetic field position (concentrate rinse area), is injected into the pressure of the water, will suck in the tooth plate weakly magnetic mineral particles into the concentrate tank. Then classifying chamber to another of opposite polarity magnetic field zone, each revolution of the sorting ring, wherein each sorting compartment so repeated 6 times.

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  • 1.Large air-absorption capacity and low energy consumption.
  • 2. Optimistic structure design & Excellent performance.
  • 3. Reasonable circulation of mineral slurry.
  • 4. Automatic control Easy to adjust.
Model Effective capacity(m³) capacity Diameter of impeller Revolution of impeller Motor power KW Weight of 4 cell cell
for agitating for scraper
XJ1 0.13 0.05~0.6 200 600 Y90L-4 1.5 0.55
XJ2 0.23 0.12~0.28 250 504 Y100L2-4 1.5 0.55
XJ3 0.35 0.18~0.4 300 483 Y112L-4 1.5 0.6
XJ6 0.62 0.3~0.9 350 400 Y132S-6 3 1.1
XJ11 1.1 0.6~1.6 500 330 Y132M2-6 5.5 1.1
XJ28 2.8 1.5~3.5 600 280 Y160L-6 11 1.1
XJ58 5.8 5~7 750 240 Y200L2-6 22 2.2

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