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Crusher parts selection is the key to improving production efficiency

With the continuous advancement of domestic engineering construction, the mineral processing equipment has been vigorously developed, among which the use of crushers is the most common. As customers' requirements for equipment performance become more and more sophisticated, how to improve the utilization rate of equipment has become a common goal of customers and manufacturers. Through continuous testing, it has been found that good crusher accessories are the key to increasing usage.

First of all, regarding the hammer performance of the crusher, as the most critical wear-resistant part of the hammer crusher, the wear resistance of the hammer directly affects the utilization rate of the equipment.

Therefore, the hammer with good material selection is always the manufacturer and the customer. Thoughts. Nowadays, in the crusher market, in addition to the price of the crusher, there are mainly differences in the material of the hammer. Generally, the materials are mainly high-chromium cast iron, high-manganese steel and low-alloy wear-resistant steel. Below Henan Province Shaolin Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. gives you a detailed introduction to the advantages and disadvantages of these materials.

  • 1. First, let's talk about the hammer head of high chromium cast iron. In general, the advantages of high-chromium cast iron are mainly its excellent toughness and hardness, so it is widely used in the material of the hammer head. This material has good wear resistance and is ideal for operation, and the material contains a large amount of high hardness carbonization. The life of the object is longer than that of the hammer of the general material, so it has been favored by manufacturers and customers in recent years. However, due to the particularity of the material, the cost is increased, and the toughness of the high chromium cast iron material is still insufficient, so that the hammer head is easily broken, so it cannot be greatly promoted.
  • 2, followed by the hammer head of high manganese steel. The high manganese steel material mainly has the characteristics of work hardening. The pressure received during the actual operation is mainly the midsole stress, and the impact force is not enough. This causes the hammer head surface not to be quickly and highly hardened, and the wear resistance of high manganese steel. The is not good, especially the sand and gravel production line and other constructions that require continuous operation. Generally, the hammer of high manganese steel is not optimistic, so the material has already been eliminated.
  • 3. Finally, the hammer of low alloy wear-resistant steel material. The toughness, hardness and wear resistance of the material are better than the first two materials, and the cost is also low, so it is very popular for a period of time, but the disadvantage of low alloy wear-resistant steel is that the hardness is too high, resulting in brittleness. Increased, this increases the risk of hammer breakage, and its material does not contain high hardness carbide, so the wear resistance is not particularly ideal, can not meet the market's higher wear requirements.

Therefore, if you want to achieve the best use of the equipment, you need to choose a better equipment accessories. Nowadays, our company has developed and produced a new type of crusher hammer with good toughness and good wear resistance, and the price is relatively cheap. The hammer head is cast with dense tungsten-titanium alloy on the basis of the traditional high-manganese steel material, which greatly improves the utilization rate of the hammer head and can bring greater benefits to customers!

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