Sand stone making machine, SBM

Sand stone making machine, SBM

Stone sand making machine working principle:

The inlet and crushing chamber of the stone Sand making machine are large, suitable for crushing large pieces of material. The special structure can be broken and formed once. It is more efficient than the ordinary crusher. The main working part of the machine is the rotor, the rotor is made of hammer, Spindle, hammer handle, disc, pin and other components, the rotor in the high-speed rotation driven by the motor, high-speed rotation of the rotor by the feed inlet into the crushing cavity of the material to be broken, the sieve plate under the rotor, in line with the requirements of the material by Sieve plate screening discharge.

What to pay attention to the selection of stone sand making machine:

  • 1, product quality
  • There is a great relationship between the quality of stone sand making machines and the quality of raw materials and production processes used by manufacturers. Good quality equipment can ensure the continuous and stable operation of the equipment and the service life will be very long. Therefore, the users are choosing It's time to look at the quality of the product.

  • 2, the manufacturer brand
  • The strength of the manufacturer can tell how the quality of the equipment is. The manufacturer of a large brand has a large production scale and strong production capacity. The production of the broken equipment can also meet the requirements in various fields.

    SBM Sand stone making machine
  • 3, equipment prices
  • The price of equipment is also a factor that needs to be referenced for selecting a stone sand making machine. There are many manufacturers of stone sand making machines on the market. The models of the equipment are of different sizes and prices are different. Therefore, it is necessary to purchase equipment. Remember, high-priced equipment is not necessarily good, and good equipment prices are not necessarily high.

  • 4, after-sale service
  • After-sales service includes equipment maintenance, maintenance, replacement of parts and components, consultation, etc. Only users who choose a good after-sales service can solve the problem in a timely manner.

Stone sand making machine features:

  • 1. The structure is simple and novel: During the process of designing the equipment, the designers of SBM specifically considered the maintenance and the maintenance in the course of use. For the convenience of customers, the equipment is simple in structure and we design according to the working environment. The unique and unique appearance of the models, these unique designs can facilitate the customer to repair and maintain the equipment in the later period;
  • 2. Advantages of components wear resistance: During the use of mining machinery and equipment, the wear resistance of components directly affects the service life of the equipment. The components of the stone sand making machine designed and produced by SBM Heavy Industry are made of high-quality wear-resistant materials from abroad. Greatly extend the life of the equipment;
  • 3. Efficient and energy-saving equipment: According to the requirements of the market and customers, we have always advocated environmentally friendly production and high-efficiency production. With the attitude of being responsible to customers and society, our designed stone sand making machine adopts advanced technology to make the equipment in use. It can produce efficiently under the conditions of environmental protection and energy conservation;
  • 4. Uniform and high-quality products: In the sand stone production line, the stone sand making machine can not only meet the requirements of high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection, but also can guarantee the quality of the sand stone produced, and the sand stone produced by the stone sand making machine is uniform in size. Can meet the needs of various industries.

The above is a brief introduction of our SBM heavy industry experts on the stone sand making machine. You can use it as a reference when purchasing equipment. If you need to purchase a stone sand making machine, you can go to our SBM for inspection and purchase. We will provide you with quality equipment and services.

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